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Significant gains from Equity Investments are before IPO

Successful Investing is about Managing Risk, not avoiding it

Who we are ?

We are a Team of Startup Angel Investors having Expertise in different domains, co-evaluating & co-investing in Startups since 2018

We have invested in 20+ Startups and Mentored 4+ Startups

We are democratising Startup investments & making it accessible to everyone


Our Notable Investments -


Domain : Voice AI


Domain : Online Research


Domain : All EV Ride Hailing


Domain : Virtual Event Platform


Domain : Solar Monitoring & Analytics Platform


Domain : Full Stack EV Charging Solutions


Domain : Home Loans Fintech


Domain : 100% Indigeneous EV Bike

What we do ?

We Engage and Evaluate 100+ Startups every month
We negotiate & take allocations for investments
We form SPVs & co-invest alongwith other sleeping Partners.
We support our Portfolio Startups by way of providing Industry connects, City launch etc

Why Invest In startups ?

Why Co-invest with us ?

  • We are involved full time & an integral part of Startup Ecosystem

  • We invest in about 5 out of 100 Evaluated Startups every month

  • We have achieved 8+ Multibaggers out of 16+ Investments

  • We 1st allocate Returns towards Capital invested + 18% per annum before sharing profits

  • We charge only one time Management Fees of 2% during Investment

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